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Dark cold heart Chapter 4

Dark cold heart Chapter 4

By Jennifer Owens

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••• Mrs Beck •••
I paced back and forth in the sitting room, feeling restless.
It’s morning already and I called my husband to come back home.
He went for a business trip and he said he’d catch the first flight and come solve the issue on ground.
I tried sitting and waiting for him but I just couldn’t settle in one position.
The thought of my baby girl being in the hands of those wicked beings has made me go crazy.
My Allie is a very fragile girl, though she’s stubborn but she’s very soft and and can’t bear pains.
My eyes darted to the wall clock once again and I sighed.
I’m gon get back my daughter.
••• Allie •••
He wants me to strip? Just so he could whip me like a slave?
Not even slaves get beaten like the way he planned to do.
Come what may! Never gon strip naked for him.
“you heard me, don’t make me repeat myself! ” he said in an harsh tone.
“I heard but I can’t ” I seethed.
He raised a hand and signalled to the grumpy guard I didn’t even realize was standing behind him.
The grumpy guard started coming towards me while I pushed backward till my back was against the wall.
“don’t come close to me! ” I wimped out in a shaky voice.
He got to me and got hold of my dress, in attempt to tear it apart.
I tried fighting him off but it was to no avail.
“I’ll do it myself! I cried out and the monster asked him to leave me alone.
I can’t bear to be stripped naked by a man I don’t even know.
If I don’t strip, he’s gon force me anyway so what’s the use of refusing?
I could contemplate going naked in front of the monster but doing it in front of the body guard is just a no no for me.
The boss noticed how I looked at the body guard, hesitating to strip.
“what? You don’t wanna go naked in front of him? ” he asked in a mocking tone.
“what makes you think you’re so special? He was supposed to be the one doing the flagellation but I’m doing it cause I wanna hear you scream in pain, I wanna hear your cry till your voice gets cracked and I’m sure gonna derive pleasure from that ” he blurted out.
“leave us ” he told his guard and he walked out, leaving the both of us alone.
“now strip and don’t waste my time ”
I swallowed the lump I presumed to be stuck in my throat and slowly started undressing myself.
I took off my shirt, revealing my white bra.
I bowed my head in shame, as I sat there with just a jean and a bra.
“continue ” he ordered.
I slowly pulled down my jean and sat on the cold bare floor with just a white pantie and a white bra.
My head remained bowed but I could see him coming closer.
Tears had started rolling down my cheeks.
Now look upright, turn your back and don’t move an inch.
I did as he said and he whipped my bare back and I didn’t know what happened but the scream that I released was enough to collapse a building.
The one lash he gave me, sent me falling on my stomach.
“get up! ” he yelled.
I was slow to get up so he whipped me me again sending me back to the ground in screams and tears.
“please ” I cried.
“now sit up ”
This time he gave me time to sit back up before releasing another lash on my bare back.
“you’re taking five strokes so don’t make me increase it ” he said sternly.
How can I go through this pain? Even my parents barely hit me.
Dad had only slapped me once and I sulked over that for weeks before he finally persuaded me to forgive him.
I positioned as he asked and took the remaining strokes, screaming and falling down.
I laid down on my side, curled up in a semi circle and wept when he was done.
He walked out and left me to grieve in pain.
I could see blood stains on the floor and that only made me cry more.
This is hell on earth.
Remind me to get over my clumsiness since that seem to be a big crime and remind me never to cross my limit in front of people like him.
••• Mrs Beck •••
The door bell rang and I sprung up to get the door.
I opened the door and immediately flew in Andrew’s arms.
I sobbed in his arms and he slowly caressed my hair, whispering soothing words to my ears.
We both walked in with his luggage and he sighed.
Andrew had earlier gone on a business trip.
We ain’t that rich nor are we poor.
We have a car which Andrew had travelled with but now back with it and we try our best to give our only daughter the best life.
“let’s go “he said and I nodded.
We boarded our car and Andrew zoomed off to the McKenzie’s mansion.
We reached there few mins later and Andrew had to go through the same processes like I did.
“I’ll put a call through to the mansion to see if you both can come in ” the guy in charge said from the camera.
We waited for few mins before the guy told us to wait that someone would come attend to us.
After waiting for like forever, a huge, hefty guy dressed in black, walked out the gate and came to us.
His muscles could be seen bulging in his shirt, thick dark brows and eyes that could scare you.
“I’m one of the McKenzie’s body guard and I was sent here by my master ” Andrew and I glanced at each other then back at the so called body guard.
” I was told to tell y’all that you shouldn’t disturb the peace of this house else you will both end up in prison and your daughter will spend an eternity being tortured ”
My heart ached at these words and I almost lost my balance but thanks to Andrew that was beside me.
“but if you stop disturbing our peace, your daughter might be returned to you soon ” he added.
“you moron! Give my daughter back ” I tried hitting him but Andrew held me back.
“can we talk to one of the McKenzies?” Andrew asked.
“no” the guard replied.
“we are pleading so tell your boss we’re ready to do anything just to get back our daughter ” Andrew said in a calm tone.
“the only thing you can do is go back home and wait for your daughter ” he said sternly and walked back inside.
The gate closed itself kinda automatically I guess.
“I want back my daughter you bastards ” I cried and hit the gate.
“Audrey please calm down ” Andrew held me in his arms.
“Andrew please get back our daughter ” I cried as he held me.
“let’s just go back home ” he said and took me to the car.
“all we can do is pray and hope for a miracle ” Andrew said and that truth was so sharp it was like a needle pricking my heart.
He was right, we can’t do anything than just pray.
If we take this case to court, the McKenzie’s gonna win anyway.
We got home and Andrew took me inside.
We went to our room and he made me lay down.
The next thing I knew was everywhere started getting dark and slowly, my eyes were shut.
••• Allie •••
Few days went by with him torturing me.
Not flagellation.
He barely gives me food and he sometimes make me clean the already cleaned house just to punish me.
I was curled up on the floor as usual when I heard footsteps coming towards me.
I looked up at the figure in front of me and twas one of the bodyguards, not the grumpy one, a new one I’ve never seen.
“you’re free ” those were the words that came outta his mouth.
I’m free? Like free to go home?
I can’t believe this until I walk outta this mansion.
He slowly helped me up, eyes scanning my as he stared at my shirt, smeared in blood.
My wound isn’t fully healed yet.
“time to go home ” he said in a soft voice and smiled at me.
I just hope I don’t mess things up this time in front of their boss.
T. B. C
©Jennifer Owens ❤❤

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