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Dark cold heart Chapter 3

Dark cold heart Chapter 3

By Jennifer Owens

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Bright light shone through this shabby room, disturbing my sleep.
I opened my eyes but quickly close em back not allowing the bright light blind my eyes for any more seconds.
I slowly opened them this time and adjusted to the light in the room.
Apparently, one of the guards had open the door to my room and he was standing in front of me.
Have they come to free me?
“get up ” he said calmly.
Oh wow! He spoke calmly to me today. Must have woken up happy today.
And yeah, talking about today, it’s morning already and I can’t believe I was able to sleep without lunch and dinner.
The me that I know can’t even bare to go hungry for a second.
I raised myself up which had kinda become heavier to me prolly cause I feel weak.
My legs wiggled under me as I stood, slightly bent cause my growling stomach which had caused me stomach ache wouldn’t let me stand straight.
“let’s go ”
My eyes went wide open when I heard those words.
Let’s go? I’m going home? Happiness beamed inside me as I thought of going home to my mom.
We went outta the shabby room, headed to the sitting room.
My hair was a mess and the neat bun that I had done was loose.
My clothes were smeared in dirt from lying on that dirty cold floor.
We reached the sitting room and at the east side of the house was “Mr intimidating personality “, seated in the dinning, having breakfast.
The thought of food being in front of me triggered my hunger more making me crave and drool over the food.
Control yourself Allie, this motherfucker won’t even let a single drop of water touch your tongue.
He made a hand gesture signaling the guard to bring me forward.
The guard jerked my arm and dragged me roughly to his boss aka Mr intimidating personality.
I stood in front of him, panting softly with wobbling legs under me.
I gazed right at him, eye balls to eye balls.
” hope you’ve learnt your lesson?” he asked but I don’t know who that question was for so I just stood there, staring.
Bitch! Of course the question was for me! I mean who else would he be referring to when I’m the offender here.
PS : ain’t an offender anymore cause this dude has punished me more than my deserved punishment.
“I asked you a question!!” he yelled and hit his fist on the dinning table causing me to flinch.
*Oh yeah bitch! I know you asked a question but I chose not to answer*
I wish I could tell him that.
“For anyone that defiles me, they get punished severely till they regret ever messing wimme. You were gon be punished like others but your mere presence irritate me and I don’t even want your shadow in this house ” he blurted out sternly.
Like I wanna stay here any longer.
My stomach growled out loud and I held my stomach in pain.
“should I die here first before your peanut sized brain tells you the right thing to do?! ” I snarled at him.
He was shocked at my words and his facial expression almost made me laugh my ass out but I was hungry and needed food!.
Perhaps, no one has ever talked back at him like I just did.
“enough! ” he yelled and hit his fist on the dinning table AGAIN!.
Oh so dramatic! Or maybe not cause all I see now is an angry monster in front of me.
I had started trembling in fear as he glared at me, fists folded in balls and knuckles white.
“I wanted to pardon you! Something I’ve never done but you just crossed the limit and will go through every punishment till I’m satisfied! ” he said amidst gritted teeth.
This means, no home for me.
God! What have I just done? My friends used to tell me my mouth finna land me in problem one day and I just believe it now.
“take her back and ready my whip for her flagellation ” he blurted sternly and that got my heart sinking down down down and DEAD.
Flagellation? I’m a slave now? He’s gon whip me like an animal?
Seriously? This is so not happening!
Just before the guard could drag me away, I rushed to the dinning table with all the strength I had left, grabbing any the food my hand could reach then ran to the direction of my shabby room.
Eat first, worry about flagellation later.
I rolled my eyes when I noticed the guard behind me as I walked to my shabby room, ugh.
I sniffed in the aroma of mashed potatoes on the plate I was carrying.
I just managed to grabbed this one and I’m thankful at least.
I didn’t wait to get to the shabby room before I dug my nails in the food and started munching out loud.
Got to the room and placed down the food and continued eating.
The grumpy guard locked the door and I cared less cause there’s food in front of me.
After eating, I licked off every mashed potato sticking on my fingers.
I heaved a sigh of relief and kicked away the plate.
Number one problem solved!
Just when I was about to occupy my mind with something else, he walked in.
The monster himself, in his hand was an average long whip.
He took steps towards me and my heart had started pounding faster than normal.
He didn’t mean it when he talked about flagellation right?
What’s the whip for?
I wouldn’t wait a second to give up the ghost if he’s gonna use that whip on me.
I’m no fucking slave!
He got closer to me, his eyes dark with furrowed brows.
“strip! ” he ordered.
Wait what? Strip? Strip off my clothes? As in, strip naked?
I’m doomed!
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