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Dark cold heart Chapter 2

Dark cold heart Chapter 2

By Jennifer Owens

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I was snapped outta my reveries when the car door to my seat opened. I was pulled out before I could even make a move to come out.
Every thought I had immediately faded as I stood inside the big compound, staring at the paradise in front of me.
I thought houses like this never existed on earth, but it turns out I’m the retarded dweeb.
The gate to the beautiful mansion was black, so black and thick like a coal tar, a sparkling coal tar.
My eyes roamed everywhere as I gazed at the heaven on earth in front of me.
The mansion was so big, painted in dark grey with a touch of white.
“move! ” one of the body guards pushed me forward.
We got to the door step and the door itself was made of gold. OMG gold! If I could get this door outta here and sell it, trust me I’d be a billionaire.
The door was opened and my chin dropped.
Is it God himself that lives here or what am I seeing with my eyes?
I don’t know but I think it’s a good thing I was kidnapped and brought here.
“wow! This is ….” I was saying but was pushed again by the body guard.
Seriously?! The last thing I wanna do is punch this motherfucker right in the face and get locked up behind bars but he won’t stop getting on my nerves! Ugh!
“lock her up ” the guy with the intimidating personality that had his suit smeared by my ice-cream said and walked upstairs.
Wait! What? Lock me up?
Mommy! OK I don’t know but maybe this is why my parents still treat me like a child cause right now I need my mommy and daddy or Imma cryyyy!
The guard who has been getting on my nerves, held my wrist and pulled me roughly with him.
“stop! You’re hurting me” I wimped.
We reached a corridor leading to a staircase that led us down to a dirty abandoned underground room.
Well, it does look abandoned cause it was dark and everything in there was a mess.
Even a dog wouldn’t stay here.
The guard pushed me forward making me collide with the wall.
He climbed back up and before I could take in everything, he slammed the door.
What the hell just happened?
“he left you in this shabby room, that’s what happened! ” my subconscious snarled.
Oh yeah, that’s what happened.
“hey! Let me outta here!” I screamed.
Ain’t even sure if they can hear me cause this place is like a 2 mins walk to the main sitting room.
The mansion is so big it could be used for different things at the same time like a market, a strip club, a bar and so on.
I sighed as the air of despondency surrounded me.
Why does my life gotta be so frustrating?
I looked around and sighed even more when I noticed there wasn’t even a bed!
I sank to the ground with despair.
The floor is so cold.
I folded my legs up, rested my arm on em and buried my head in my arms.
My eyes had started getting wet as a swift wind of emotions and despair ran cold down my spine.
I thought of mom and dad and that only triggered my emotional state, finally making the tears run down like a rain.
I shivered as I tried hard to keep em tears from falling.
My phone! Yes my phone!
Hope sank in my heart but it didn’t last a minute before I remembered I left my bag at school when I tripped.
How will I call mom and dad now?
My friends, teachers and the principal will go inform my parents, right?
At this state, I don’t even know what to think anymore.
I sank my face into my arms and cried.


••• Mrs Beck •••
I alighted from the cab and hurried through the school gate.
It was late and Allie wasn’t back.
That got me worried. No phone calls from her so I had to come check for myself.
I wonder if my baby girl is doing alright.
The school was quiet and only few students could be seen hanging around.
I rushed down to the principal’s office and barged in without knocking.
“Mrs Beck” The principal stood up, acknowledging my presence.
“where’s my baby girl? ” I asked, ignoring every other act of welcome he presented.
The look on his face only made things worse for me cause an air of melancholy filled me up.
“where is she?! “I yelled!
“she.. She was taken by a McKenzie ” he blurted out and a swift feel of dizziness enveloped me for some seconds.
“Mrs Beck” The principal rushed to help firm my balance.
My breath came out in low pants as I took in his words.
She was taken by a McKenzie? Or did I mishear him?
The McKenzies are one of the ruthless people ever.
They’re the most richest in the country and no one dares defile them.
That’s prolly the reason no one informed me about my daughter being taken away. They’re all scared!
So how did Allie…….? OMG.

➡ ➡ ➡ ➡ ➡ ➡

I scurried out the principal’s office after he had narrated all that happened, headed to the McKenzie’s mansion.
He took my daughter just cause of a mistake? A mere mistake that had an ice-cream smeared on his suit! I wonder how those animals are treating my baby girl.
First, I need to go file a complaint at the station then the cops will help me go get my daughter.
I took a cab to the station and filed a complaint.
“we can’t help you ma’am “the cop in charge of cases like mine blurted.
It sounded like gibberish to my ears.
“what do you mean you can’t help me ” I asked sternly, feeling angry.
“it’s the McKenziess we’re talking about here, sorry we can’t ” he blurted out again.
“are you nuts?! Have you all gone nuts?! ” I yelled, attracting everyone’s attention to me.
“it’s my daughter we’re talking about here! She was abducted by the McKenzies and you’re telling me you can’t help me?!” I yelled.
People who had prolly came for one thing or the other had started murmuring.
“what’s the use of cops if you can’t help me in times like this? No one is above the law, no one! ” I yelled!.
“ma’am we propose you leave the station and stop creating a scene or we’ll be forced to charge you ” one of the cops said.
“y’all good for nothing! ” I yelled and walked out.
Who the fuck do the McKenzies think they are to escape law?
I’m getting my daughter whether or not the cops help me.
I boarded a taxi and headed for the McKenzie’s mansion.
After what seemed like a life time, the taxi stopped but not at the McKenzie’s mansion.
“this is as far as I go ” the chauffeur said.
“what do you mean? I’m not even there yet ”
“ma’am, you do know a taxi ain’t allowed to enter the McKenzie’s estate ” he replied and I got down.
I paid him and walked to the estate’s gate.
This big estate, only for a mansion.
I tapped on the gate repeatedly and only a video camera popped out the corner of the gate.
“may I help you? ” the person in charge of the estate asked through the camera.
“yes! I wanna go in ” I seethed.
“your ID card please ”
“jerk! Open this fucking gate now! I want my daughter back ” I seethed out loud.
“calm down ma’am and drop your ID card on that flat metal tray” he replied and a flat metal tray pulled out below the camera.
I took out my ID and dropped it on the flat metal and it was pulled back in.
“give me some mins ma’am ” he said and I rolled my eyes.
Few mins later, the flat metal tray pulled out with my ID card on it.
“sorry ma’am, but you can’t go in ” he blurted out and that triggered my anger more.
“open this damn gate lemme go in! ” I yelled.
After yelling and hitting the gate for mins but got no response, I decided to stay there till they decide to let me in.
It’s late now and it’s even past Allie’s bedtime. I wonder how she is, my poor girl.
“ma’am, if you don’t leave now, I’ll be forced to call the cops on you ”
I can’t do anything to help my daughter if I’m in prison, I have to call her dad so we figure out a way outta this.
I sighed and went away.
I wanted to call Allie but then remembered the principal had earlier given me her bag which had dropped from her when she was being taken away.
I’m calling my husband ASAP.
{^ _Allie_^}
Blurry, everything was blurry as I tried opening my eyes.
I blinked slowly in attempt to make my vision vivid.
I adjusted to the place I was and shivered in cold causing me goosebumps.
I’m in this shabby room, lying on the cold floor.
I struggled up and sat on my butt with legs folded up.
I wonder if my principal has informed mom about this.
My stomach growled and I sniffed.
Now I’ve got a runny nose from crying.
Are they not even gonna offer me food? For how long do they plan of keeping me here?
I had started to feel slight dizziness so I just laid back down on the cold floor.
What is he even gon do to me? Kill me? Well, he sure does look like a killer.
Dad please come save me.
T. B. C

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