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Dark cold heart Chapter 1

Dark cold heart Chapter 1

By Jennifer Owens

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__ Allie __
Cars could be heard honking, tires screeching and sirens going off.
The noise coming from outside alone is enough to make one deaf for a decade.
I sat on my bed, staring out my window as the noise from outside settled in my ears.
We’ve been here for some years now so I’m used to em noises.
My room’s upstairs and from my window, a perfect view of the busy road could be seen.
My door opened, making my eyes dart from the window to the door. Mom smiled and walked in.
“It’s late Allie, you should sleep ” and these were always her words when she comes to my room, ugh.
I rolled my eyes and laid down on the bed.
Same old shit different days, mom and dad treating me like I’m some 10-year old kid.
For fuck sake! I’m 22!!!
Mom pulled the blanket over me and I pulled it down a lil, just over my chest.
Mom gave me a look that says ” don’t you dare take it off” and I grinned widely at her.
We all know I don’t use em blankets, they suffocate the hell outta me.
“Good night honey ” mom said, kissed my forehead and walked out leaving the light on.
Yeah! Another thing is : I don’t sleep with the lights out, scared of the dark.
I took the blanket off of me and let out a sigh of relief.
I closed my eyes, not letting the noise from outside disturb me.
Soon, I was enveloped by sleep.
I jerked up as my alarm πŸ•’ rang all over the room.
I stretched, an habit I’ll never get rid off.
I got outta bed, switched off the alarm πŸ•’ and reached out for an hair band.
Got a yellow hair band and tied my hair up in a pony tail making my forehead protrude forward.
Yeah a shiny big forehead that sustains all the food and nutrients in my body.
My forehead so big and shiny, it is seen before me.
“when God said : let there be light, your forehead took it personal ” those are the words Daniel dedicated to me.
Cute, right? Oh yeah I wish.
I’m being a blabber beak again! Gosh I need to freshen up.
I stripped off my pyjamas and hurried to the shower.
After tidying up, I came outta the shower with a towel wrapped tight around my chest. I walked to my dressing table and sat on the chair.
I stared at myself in the mirror, observing every bit of me.
I sighted the wall clock πŸ•’ from the mirror and my eyes widened, breath hung, heart stopped and blood congealed.
Kidding! My heart won’t stop beating at least not for something this minor and my blood won’t congeal just cause I’m late for college.
I chuckled at myself and continued staring at myself in the mirror. Ain’t gon be the first to be late to college anyway.
“I’m late” I whispered with a shocked expression on my face.
For fuck sake, I’m late! I sprung up and hurriedly dressed up.
Finished dressing up, tied my hair into a neat bun then took my backpack and scurried down the stairs.
“I’ll get breakfast out ” I said before mom could utter a word and ran out the door.
If I had just passed the exam last year, I’d have been working not coming to college!
A cab finally stopped after countless signals.
Kidding! I didn’t even wave for like 2 mins.
I’m dramatic, I know.
I got in the cab, told him where I was headed and he drove off.
Arrived mins later, paid the cab man and rushed into the building.
“Woah! Slow down “Daniel said and I came to an halt.
” You…. ” he was saying but his phone rang. He cussed and walked away to answer his call.
” Great! ” I rushed to my class and it was as quiet as a graveyard.
I looked around and not even a single strand of a human hair could be seen. What the heck is happening? Is today Saturday or something? Is this prolly a dream? Or did I hit my head somewhere? But I just saw Daniel. I went back out and followed the same direction as Daniel but couldn’t find him. Did he disappear too? Wait! This is strange, super strange! When I was coming in, I didn’t even see anyone, not even the security guards πŸ’‚. What in the world is happening? I was getting frustrated so I had to get an ice-cream.
I took the elevator and went back down cause my class was on the third floor and I hate that, no cap.
There’s an ice-cream vendor outside the school.
I went in there and right to Mrs Jones.
“Allie ” she said with a smile and I smiled back at her.
“lemme guess, chocolate mixed with vanilla cream cone “she said and I nodded, the smile still on my face.
She knows me, I mean they all know me.
I literally don’t think there have been a day without me buying an ice-cream.
And saying I was frustrated was an excuse cause I already wanted an ice-cream.
” thank you ” I said as I took the ice-cream from her, paid her and left.
Ice-cream helps me relax though.
I headed back upstairs, licking the ice-cream as I waited patiently for the elevator to reach my destination.
As I walked in the hall way, licking my magnificent ice-cream, I sighted Mr Ben, Mister Harry, Mrs Bryant and our mighty principal, Mr Bennett walking away with a man dressed in an expensive suit πŸ•΄ I must say and the others seem to be body guards.
Those up there are our history teacher, maths teacher and English teacher respectively.
” Mister Harry ” I called out cause he’s literally the one I flow with.
I mean he’s cute and SINGLE!
I’m not hitting on him no, I just admire him.
I ran towards them and they stopped walking buh only Mr Harry looked back at me and that’s why I flow with him.
Kidding! He prolly looked back at me cause I called him.
As I got close to them, the man which I earlier said to have dressed in an expensive suit slowly turned around.
I don’t know what the fuck happened but I magically tripped and my ice-cream plastered the man’s suit as I fell to the ground.
Oh no! Not another clumsy act by me.
I slowly looked up and all the teachers mouth were open including Mister Harry’s.
My eyes darted from theirs to the man who had my ice-cream on his suit.
His eyes were dark which made me shiver in fear.
My lips seemed zipped 🀐 and my butt seemed glued to the ground.
OK, I think this is the perfect time for my heart to stop beating and for my blood to congeal.
“Woah!” I heard exclamations from behind and turned to see my college mates and every student staring at us.
Hours ago, I was looking all over for them and now they’re magically just here at this embarrassing moment.
I looked back at the man, not knowing what to do.
His lips moved and the two words that came from his mouth killed me.
“Take her ” he said and walked away.
Two of his body guards pulled me up and started dragging me away with them.
“No, stop ” I cried out.
“Where are you taking me?” I cried but they didn’t even utter a word to me.
Mister Harry and the rest stared at me, dumbfounded, fear clearly visible in their eyes.
Seriously? One of their students is being taken away and they gon do nothing than just stand their asses there and stare at us?
“Allie ” Craig, my friend called out and I gave him that puppy look, help me.
“No! leave me, please “I cried as they dragged me out.
“Mellie, Daniel, Mister Harry” I cried out to my friends and teachers.
We reached outside and they pushed me inside the car.
The man which I’d offended entered another car while I entered another with the body guards.
With these cars, one could tell he’s filthy rich.
Why were my friends and teachers so scared back there? Why couldn’t they do anything? Cause he’s rich? Fuck! My principal is rich too at least.
Where are they even taking me? Who’s this man?
Lots of questions ran through my mind as I was taken away with my heart aching.
T. B. C
Β©Jennifer Owens πŸ¦‹πŸ¦‹πŸ–€

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